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Guardian Alert
Guardian Alert

Call 911 from anywhere in the home from a pendant without monthly subscription fees or contracts.

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Guardian Alert 911 enables you to call 911 in an emergency situation (accident, fall, illness, or danger) and speak directly to the emergency 911 operator through the pendant, without needing to be near a phone.  This way, no matter where you are, in or around your home, you will have a clear communication with emergency operators.  You talk directly to the emergency operator, not just a call center who must call you back to confirm the issue.  By directly contacting 911, you assure a quicker response time.

The pendant consists of a wireless microphone with a range of several hundred feet, enabling you to call and speak from anywhere in or near the home, not just within the vicinity of a speakerphone.

Guardian Alert 911 requires no monthly subscription, no service fees and no contracts since it works on any standard phone line with 911 service.  It provides the end user with the clearest communication and quickest response time available for a fraction of the price of other systems.

The device operates one year on a single AAA battery.   It can tolerate an occasional splash, but it should not be worn in the shower or submerged in water.

Warranty: 12 months
Insurance: Not covered

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